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We are Professional at hanging Vinyl Wall Covering

We paper complete Hotels Condos & Apartments Blocks of rooms  floors at a time,




We are A Full Service Painting Company

Acrylic Wall Texture

  • High Traffic Coatings

  • Specialized Coating Applications

  • Energy Saving Insulation Coatings

  • Architectural Applications

  • Silicone Coatings

  • Floor & Structure Coating

  • Ceramic Coatings

  • Vinyl and Vinyl Esters

  • Wall Coatings & Coverings

  • Graphics Art Displays

  • Texture Coatings

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For all other States 
 See our
Time and Material Division


Our Painting expertise have put us above
other commercial painting company’s. We understand the needs of commercial and industrial projects.
In all areas of concern regarding your commercial and residential painting. You can  have complete confidence
in our abilities to complete your project. We look forward to your exterior & interior
commercial & industrial painting projects.

We also Service our client with

Thermal Painting,  Fire Retardant Painting, Anti Graffiti painting, Fire proof painting, Factory Painting, 
Townhouse Painting,  
Hospitality painting,
Acrylic Texture Painting, Zoo Painting, Time and Material painting,
Industrial Tank Painting, Hotel Motel Painting.


Toll Free 1-877-749-5554

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